What are good ideas?

They are clever solutions for everyday problems that often come from people that have an excellent knowledge of their field. This programme is interested in working with all manner of ideas from software and medical devices, to ways of improving processes within the hospital.

What is the confidentiality policy?

We recognise the sensitivity of the information you provide. This programme is delivered in a manner that preserves the privacy of inventors, the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information and protects any potential value in intellectual property that may arise.

What is the Intellectual Property Policy?

In most of your individual employment agreements it will state that any intellectual property developed in the course of your work is the property of MidCentral DHB. However, MidCentral have developed a benefit sharing policy that sets out how commercial benefits that arise from innovations will be shared, in order to recognise the input of inventors.

What funding is available?

A number of funding options are available to support your innovation, including funding from MidCentral DHB, Callaghan Innovation and other sources. For more information about funding contact us.