Smartphone App Development Workshop

The Innovation Team held the Smartphone App Development workshop with the help of enterprise software development company Nodero. The purpose of the workshop was to help staff with app ideas, to get their ideas off the ground quickly.  The team from Nodero, Ben Hopkins and Eddie Easton, took the audience through a number of key topics including:  key features of a smartphone that can be utilised, key development considerations for users, and a template for how to articulate to a software developer what you want your app to do. There was great discussion about developing applications. A recap of some the questions asked are below:

  • Can you patent software?
    • In September 2014 the patent laws around software changed dramatically.  That is not to say you cannot patent software but it has become increasingly difficult.  See here for more information.
  • Do I own the code?
    • Ben and Eddie answered this by saying that when you develop an application with a third party software developer, you need to stipulate up-front that you want to own the source code. Traditionally a customer will retain ownership of the ‘Application’ but the source code is owned by the developer. The recommendation is to stipulate up-front your preferred approach.
  • How do I measure the apps performance?
    • There are two core ways to measure your apps performance. Generally, app stores (Apple App Store & Google Play) provide a level of data on the apps usage, including number of downloads, number of times it’s used per day and how long people are on it. If you would like more information, it is suggested that you build into the application a more advanced data capture mechanism to track at a very granular level what users are doing with your app.
  • What do I need to take to a developer to start a discussion about building it?
    • Nodero provided a very simple template to complete. Contact us for a copy of the template

See a time lapse from the event below: