3D Printing Workshop

MidCentral Health staff were treated to a 3D Printing in Healthcare workshop presented by Dr Jonathan Bray and Andrew Worth of Massey University’s Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences. Over the last few years, the two vets have been using 3D printing technology to make customised, titanium implants to replicate limbs in canines. Canine bone cancer patients usually require the affected body part to be amputated, Bray and Worth’s 3D printing application allows for the canine to forge limb amputation. Bray and Worth spoke of how they have also utilised 3D printing for surgical guides and jigs to help with removal of the limbs. Their presentation sparked good interest in human applications, including use of 3D printing for the modelling of faces for lead masks in the RCTS.

Wellington Makerspace co-founder Lee Bennett also provided a live demonstration using a desk-sized 3D printer. Bennett first scanned a human skull and utilised open-source software to design a customised implant for the repair of a ‘crash victim’s skull’. Bennett then printed the implant using the desk-top 3D printer. Bennett’s Makerspace allows for small prototypes of healthcare devices and applications to be prototyped cost effectively.

See some photos from the event below: