What is The Cutting Edge Accelerator?

The Cutting Edge Accelerator is a 10 week programme that offers participants:

  • Mentoring and training to help validate ideas and build a pitch.

  • Support to find collaborators.

  • An opportunity to pitch idea to key decision makers.

  • Advice and support to seek resources.

- Registrations for The Cutting Edge Accelerator will open on 1st Feb 2018.

How does the Accelerator work?

Accelerator process.png

How do I register?

When Can I Register?

Registrations for The Cutting Edge Accelerator will open on 1st Feb 2018.

How Do I Register?

You can register online through the Register page, it only takes 30 seconds!

Once your registration has been received The Cutting Edge team will be in touch to help you complete the full application form.

Who Can Register?

All staff at Palmerston North hospital are eligible to register, whether you’re a specialist, a nurse or in IT, all of your ideas have potential!

When Do Registrations Close?

Applications close on 16th March 2018 at midnight.

Can I read your Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions below (the “Terms”) govern your registration and application into The Cutting Edge Accelerator 2018 (the “Accelerator”). By submitting a registration or idea in any form to the Accelerator you agree to these Terms.

Who can register?

Registration for the Accelerator is open to all staff of Palmerston North Hospital, including individuals or groups.

Each registration must:

1. Have the name and contact details of those registering;

2. Include all other information required on the registration form;

3. Be from within New Zealand;

4. Be followed up by a completed application form submitted to us on or before the closing date.

Can I register more than one idea?

Yes – you can register as many ideas as you like.

How will presentations in the programme be assessed?

 Using multiple criteria, such as:

1. Ability to clearly articulate the value to patients

2. Ability to quantify benefits to the organisation

3. Ability to estimate costs associated with developing the solution

4. The likelihood of success of the solution

Will I lose intellectual property rights surrounding my application?

To the extent that you own any intellectual property rights around the idea included in your application, those rights will remain your property. Nothing in these Terms grants us any interest in those rights (other than to the extent necessary for making an assessment in accordance with these Terms).

If any intellectual property involved in your application has been developed during the course of your employment, this intellectual property will be bound by the terms of your individual employment agreement.

If the idea included in your application involves the use of any third party intellectual property, this must be disclosed in your application.

MidCentral DHB and The Factory are committed to ensuring that all intellectual property contributors that arise from entry into The Cutting Edge are recognised.


We recognise the sensitivity of the information you provide, and will take care in handling confidential matters. The Factory will ensure that its services are delivered in a manner that preserves the privacy of innovators, the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information and protects any potential value in intellectual property arising from an innovation.

Obligations of confidentiality will not apply in relation to information which:

 1. Is or becomes publicly known;

2. Is already known to us at the time of disclosure; or

3. Is independently acquired or developed by us or any third party without the benefit of use of your information.

We may retain for our records copies of all information you provide in relation to the Accelerator.

Do I need to have developed my idea?

No, we are interested in ideas at all stages . It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the concept stage or you have a fully working prototype.


If you are selected for the top 6, you consent to MidCentral DHB or The Factory using your name for advertising and publicity purposes without further compensation.

No liability

You agree that under no circumstances will MidCentral DHB or The Factory or any of the programme partners be liable to you for any cost, expense, loss or other claim of any kind arising directly or indirectly out of your application to or otherwise in connection with the programme.